Search Kick-Off Meeting

Ray Partners executive search professionals meet with the CEO or other executive officers of a client company to define the position parameters.

Develop Position Description

Based on feedback we receive at the kick-off meeting, we develop a detailed written position description outlining the responsibilities and scope of the position, desired qualifications and specific experience required.

Develop Target List

We work in tandem with our client to identify companies where the successful candidate may currently be employed. This list would include competitors, industry leaders within a specific sector of industry, and cross-over sectors where appropriate backgrounds and experience are parallel with our client’s needs.


Our executive search professionals conduct research into the targeted companies to identify appropriate prospective candidates. This is done through selective identification processes, telephone calls, and sourcing through known contacts of our partners.

Qualify And Meet Prospects

We qualify prospective candidates through lengthy telephone conversations detailing the prospect’s background and experience, salary history, and educational credentials. Based on the outcome of these discussions, we identify the most qualified prospects to interview on a personal basis.

Present Qualifications / Candidates Meet With Client

After meeting with prospective candidates, we present to our client a detailed career brief, appraisal summary and compensation summary on the candidates we feel best suited for the position. We further arrange all the logistics to facilitate a meeting between the chosen candidates and our client’s management team.

Referencing On Final Candidate

As the search narrows to the final stages, prior to a formal offer, we conduct extensive reference checking on the preferred candidate(s). We gather information from subordinates, peers and supervisors of the candidate to round out the history of his management style, demeanor and performance.

Formal Offer

Once a client is ready to extend a formal offer to a candidate, we stand ready to assist in structuring compensation packages and contract language.

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