Investment Management

The Investment Management industry is as varied and broad as any sector today. Specialization in investment strategies has replaced more historical themes such as equities, fixed income and real estate. Today’s environment calls for institutional asset managers to respond quickly to clients’ needs for diversification and return generation. From private credit and direct equity investments to traditional portfolio management, many institutional asset managers are creating organizations that can quickly maneuver across multiple channels to seize market opportunities for the benefit of institutional investors, sponsors and high net worth clients.

Ray Partners is an Investment Management Search Firm with the necessary experience to help its clients navigate the fracturing of the investment management industry into specialization. We have worked with institutional asset managers, hedge funds, hedge fund of funds, private credit and real estate investment firms as well as business development corporations to seed investment teams with professionals that add market and strategy expertise. Within each of these types of firms, we have assisted leadership and portfolio managers in the building out of new investment teams to capitalize on their client’s evolving strategies as well as fill in specialization among seasoned teams to capture opportunistic market dislocations.

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