Industrial manufacturing and service companies face significant competitive pressures for globalization, technology enhancements, continuous improvement, and solution delivery. Companies, whether in the capital equipment, manufacturing, chemicals, aerospace or other industrial sectors, are instituting initiatives to stimulate growth while being more operationally efficient. These initiatives are driven by ever-changing global market conditions, demands for improved product quality, and the need for better customer satisfaction. In addition to strategies to expand top line sales and market penetration, companies are leveraging functional competencies in supply chain, information systems, finance, sales & marketing and human resources to streamline their support systems for optimal efficiency.

We have been actively involved with our clients to recruit broadly experienced executives into general management and top functional positions that understand world-class manufacturing dynamics, as well as effective change leadership. As an Industrial Executive Search Firm, we partner with clients to understand their business and how key executives can assist in advancing the company’s strategic objectives.

Our clients include publicly traded multinational manufacturing corporations as well as privately held industrial businesses owned by families, partners, and private equity concerns. In addition, we work with industrial services and commercial finance companies who service the industrial sectors.

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